Luton is “riven with factions” says Esther Rantzen

My attention was drawn (hat tip Richard Stay’s blog) to a piece in the Independent on Sunday diary column which tells us that former TV presenter and independent candidate for Luton South at the last General Election, Esther Rantzen, may still have political ambitions. Although next time it might be by standing for Labour.

But sadly for us it won’t be in Luton;

‘”I would try somewhere else next time,” she says. “I have to say I was shocked by what I found in Luton,” she adds, describing the constituency as “riven with factions”.’

I am tempted to say – no, that’s not being riven by factions – it’s called an election campaign…..

A song for the New Year 2012

I had planned to do a few more New Year related posts this week, looking back at 2011 and forward to 2012, but time and priorities have, so far, defeated me. So instead here is a great song that kind of goes along with the optimism that I hope I am taking with me into the next 12 months.

Gil Scott-Heron – I Think I’ll Call It Morning:


Top five posts of 2011

According to Google Analytics these are the five most viewed posts on this blog during 2011. While I seem to have a readership that comes here via the Lib Dem Blogs aggregator and Lib Dem Voice, and I have seen an increase in links from Facebook and Twitter, the most popular posts have been those that people have found when Googling for information about the EDL rally in Luton at the beginning of the year and the link to this blog from the ‘Have I got News for You” programme pages on the BBC website.

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  2. Update on the EDL rally in Luton planned for the 5th February
  3. How I became a poster boy for Lib Dem misery
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