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Random Thoughts 13: November and December

Given my recent blogging hiatus we’ve missed a number of things I could have included in my Random Thoughts series of posts. So here is a bumper catch up of thoughts I should have posted over the last two months.

Various thoughts I should have posted in November

At the beginning of the month I found this handy flowchart for working out where you should post your status on social networking sites. Much truth in graphical form.

The organisers of London 2012 have released a series of Olympic posters designed by contemporary artists. I liked the nod to classicism in Chris Ofili’s poster and the sentiment in Tracey Emin’s, but my favourite is the Rachel Whiteread.

In local news it was announced that Bedfordshire is to get a new Lord-Lieutenant. The Queen has appointed Helen Nellis to succeed Sir Samuel Whitbread when he retires in February. Another local change in personnel will happen next year at the University of Bedfordshire when long serving Vice Chancellor Les Ebdon retires in September.

Other happy local news is that there is a new baby elephant at Whipsnade Zoo. The baby was born a couple of weeks ago after a 700 day pregnancy.

Various thoughts I should have posted in December

I rather liked this Magna Carta word cloud; hat tip to Liberal Burblings.

I had a good chuckle at Danny Alexander’s choice of Christmas card.

Far less self aware is this horribly self-pitying interview with Mid Beds MP Nadine Dorries.

There was good news on the development of our local infrastructure with the Government’s announcement that it was giving the go ahead for the first phase of the proposed rail link between Oxford and Bedford. This should have positive knock on benefits for Luton.


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