Random Thoughts 6: Reagan, wisdom and commas

Its been ages since I did a Random Thoughts post and I think this one may be a bit more random than most.

They unveiled a statue to US President Ronald Reagan in London on Monday. Reagan’s legacy, like Thatcher’s, is an uncomfortable one for liberals but there is no doubt that, often underestimated in Europe as he was, ‘The Gipper’ was a master of the political arts. I had a look for this clip of him at his best:

Talking of the political arts I wanted to highlight an important truth posted a while ago on Mark Valladares’ blog

“Someone of immense wisdom suggested to me the other day that the Liberal Democrats are at their best when the three drivers of Party activity – organising, campaigning and thinking – are all heading in the same direction at the same pace. In order to do that, you need people in each of the three strands who understand the value of the other two, and who are influential enough to make it happen.”

This, a thousand times this! So true and so often lacking, and this doesn’t just apply at the national level but to local parties and council groups across the country.

Sadly, I am rather excited by the newly released version of WordPress. The new interface has a touch of class that makes it rather appropriate that they have named it ‘Gershwin’.

Luton is to get a new Wetherspoons and it is to named after the man who brought hat making to opened the first hat factory in the town.

I learnt from Stephen Tall what an Oxford Comma is – turns out I’ve been using them all the time (although not you’ll note in this posts title).

Finally, my friend Laura’s lovely tribute to Liz Rorison who passed away recently. I only really knew Liz in her role as the Glee Club pianist. I have to say the musical quality did decline sharply after she stopped doing it a few years ago.

3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts 6: Reagan, wisdom and commas

  1. “Unconfortable” is an understatement. His support for the Contras in Nicuagua and the fascists in El Salvador were simply unforgivable and shocking.
    His courting of the religious right has left US politics in a desperate state.
    His neo-liberal ideology led to light touch regulation and a toxic financial sector that still has some very nasty suprises lurking in the background.

    He was a disaster.

  2. Hat making was established in the Luton area many years before “The London Hatter” Richard Vyse came to town. He did, however, set up Luton’s first hat factory, leading the change away from a “cottage industry” where people worked from home.

  3. Well yes Geoff, fair point. But I wasn’t attempting to make a serious analysis of Reagan’s record – I was just reminded of that clip.

    Martin of course you are right. That is what I should have said. Post now corrected.

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