Should I take out an injunction or demand royalties?

I should either take out a super injunction or demand the payment of royalties – that seems to be the advice from friends and colleagues for dealing with my new found minor fame. I am not sure they are being entirely serious.

When I wrote about how I had become a poster boy for Lib Dem misery last Friday I expressed the fear that that in the future when someone at the BBC wanted to show some footage of a Lib Dem looking miserable they would end up using the pictures of me looking at my phone. Well it got much worse than that.

Yes, there I was again, this time on the latest episode of Have I Got News For You.

This resulted in more people contacting me to say that they have seen me on the telly, including my sister who seemed to find the whole thing hilarious. This was followed up by it also apparently being used on Sunday’s Politics Show.

Still people seemed to like my blog post. It came top of Liberal Democrat Voice’s Golden Dozen and Liberal England kindly included it in its Six of the Best. But the best reaction was from Stephen Tall, who after saying some nice things about what I had written (thank you Stephen), went on to explain how it could have happened to him: ‘How I narrowly avoided becoming a poster boy for Lib Dem misery‘. He is obviously able to be more alert to TV cameras at election counts than I am.

This all goes some way to compensate for the realisation that, having been used on HIGNFY, that footage of me will now end up being constantly repeated on Dave.

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