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New Year messages

Well it seems my vigour and determination for starting the New Year off in the right manner ran smack bang into the nasty cold which I have been suffering for the last week. Although I have been cruelly mocked by those who have called it “man flu”. But I’m mostly recovered now and ready to write up those New Year posts that I had been planning.

Although we are already on the 12th January I thought I would start by catching up with some of the new year messages I have been sent. The two videos below nicely reflect  two of what I think will be my three main political preoccupations for 2011. The three are: the state and fortunes of my party, the Liberal Democrats; the crucial referendum on AV this May; and, also this May, the local elections here in Luton and what they will mean for the Town.

So, the first message is the Liberal Democrats leader, Nick Clegg’s, take on the Liberal Democrats and our role in the coalition as we start 2011.

The second is from Jonathan Bartley from Yes To Fairer Votes on the next steps of the Yes campaign.

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