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Lord Qurban

There have been a number of Luton related stories over the last few weeks that I wanted to highlight. I should start with the delightful news that my friend and colleague Qurban Hussain was given a peerage by the Liberal Democrats in the recent honours list.

I think the award is a recognition of a long record of public service, his work on behalf of the people of Luton, and his campaigning on behalf of the Liberal Democrats. Having worked alongside him in Luton politics over the last few years I know that he will be an asset to the party and the country in the Lords. In particular, I think that Qurban will bring a different and very valuable perspective to debates on foriegn policy issues.

Here’s how the local press reported the news.

I also liked this take on Qurban’s appointment from a Pakistan english language newspaper “The story of two Pakistani-origin Lords“.

There is some speculation within the Luton local party about what title Qurban will take, given that Lord McKenzie already has “of Luton”. I’ll pass on any news of this when Qurban makes a decision.

My belated congratulations to Qurban.


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