A new Conservative councillor on Luton Borough Council

I was concerned the other week about what was happening with Luton councillor Morel Benard.

While I still have had no official communication about any change in her status from council officers, it seems that she has left the Labour group and joined the Conservative one. Evidence of this comes in a further change on the council’s website.

Although rumours are circulating around the Town Hall, I have no knowledge of the reason for her move. Maybe she’s been impressed by the coalition government? Although I can’t imagine it is much fun being a member of Luton’s Labour group – I doubt being a member of the Tory group is a barrel of laughs either. Perhaps we will hear the reasons for her change of party at the next full council meeting?

Benard’s defection makes the balance on the council now: 25 Labour 17 Liberal Democrat 6 Conservative

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