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OK, time to start sorting out the sidebar on this blog.

First up is to put together some sort of “blogroll”. I will start with some key links about me and my life.

Number one should be “My website”. This is what is supposed to be my home page on the web at, although it is in a terrible mess at the moment. It represents my initial failed attempt at a new blog before I started work on this one. I really need to do some work on it and sort it out, but in anticipation of that I should add a link.

Number two is the website of my company, Grit and Oyster Ltd. This is the vehicle through which I do the web development and consultancy that, mostly, pays my bills. However, while not in as much of a mess as my home page above, the website itself is a bit crap. Again, I really do need to do some work on it as it doesn’t give a particularly great impression.

Number three, and the last link for the moment, is the Luton Liberal Democrats website. As well as being representative of where I put the bulk of my political activism I am also largely responsible for its design and operation. I am in the middle of a revampĀ  of it, but more about that at a later point.

So there we go, three links – personal, professional and political.

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