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I’m continuing with adding stuff to the blog’s sidebar. I thought the next step should be to link to some of the blogs that friends of mine write. The ones I have chosen by no means form a comprehensive list. They are the first four blogs that I thought of. So I hope that no one feels offended if they are left out!

My longest standing blogging friend is probably Alex Wilcock who blogs, often at great length, at “Love and Liberty“. Given, as Alex occasionally reminds me, I have a degree of responsibility for him taking up blogging, as I was one of the first people to encourage him to do so, it is fitting that he should be my first link.

Next up is the lovely Helen Duffett. I like to think of Helen as the Kate Adie of Liberal Democrat Voice.

Equally as lovely as Helen, but considerably more gobby and northern, is Jennie Rigg.

Finally, I am going to link to Linda Jack whose blog, “Lindylooz Muze“, which despite the silly name and pink colour scheme, is well worth a read. Even if some are inclined to do so “with a mixture of interest and trepidation”. Oh, and she also come from Luton too.

Although I have only chosen four blogs I do think that is a good mix of style, interest and entertainment. More will follow over time.

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