Links to friends’ blogs

I’m continuing with adding stuff to the blog’s sidebar. I thought the next step should be to link to some of the blogs that friends of mine write. The ones I have chosen by no means form a comprehensive list. They are the first four blogs that I thought of. So I hope that no one feels offended if they are left out!

My longest standing blogging friend is probably Alex Wilcock who blogs, often at great length, at “Love and Liberty“. Given, as Alex occasionally reminds me, I have a degree of responsibility for him taking up blogging, as I was one of the first people to encourage him to do so, it is fitting that he should be my first link.

Next up is the lovely Helen Duffett. I like to think of Helen as the Kate Adie of Liberal Democrat Voice.

Equally as lovely as Helen, but considerably more gobby and northern, is Jennie Rigg.

Finally, I am going to link to Linda Jack whose blog, “Lindylooz Muze“, which despite the silly name and pink colour scheme, is well worth a read. Even if some are inclined to do so “with a mixture of interest and trepidation”. Oh, and she also come from Luton too.

Although I have only chosen four blogs I do think that is a good mix of style, interest and entertainment. More will follow over time.

My links

OK, time to start sorting out the sidebar on this blog.

First up is to put together some sort of “blogroll”. I will start with some key links about me and my life.

Number one should be “My website”. This is what is supposed to be my home page on the web at, although it is in a terrible mess at the moment. It represents my initial failed attempt at a new blog before I started work on this one. I really need to do some work on it and sort it out, but in anticipation of that I should add a link.

Number two is the website of my company, Grit and Oyster Ltd. This is the vehicle through which I do the web development and consultancy that, mostly, pays my bills. However, while not in as much of a mess as my home page above, the website itself is a bit crap. Again, I really do need to do some work on it as it doesn’t give a particularly great impression.

Number three, and the last link for the moment, is the Luton Liberal Democrats website. As well as being representative of where I put the bulk of my political activism I am also largely responsible for its design and operation. I am in the middle of a revampĀ  of it, but more about that at a later point.

So there we go, three links – personal, professional and political.


I don’t really want to whinge, but 2009 was something of a rough year for me. There were one or two highlights, and I am more and more aware of how grateful I should be for the support of good friends, but the year in general was characterised by frustration, disappointment and unhappiness.

However, in the last quarter of 2009 things began to brighten up and I end the year in a much better state than I began it. So I look forward to 2010 with a considerable amount of optimism.

Curiously though, I enter the new year without any plans. I have no particular career or political ambitions for the next twelve months. I have vague notions of things I’d like to do or sort out but nothing concrete enough to write down. I certainly don’t have any new year’s resolutions.

Whether or not this absence of planning is connected with my optimistic outlook I find it difficult to tell. There is something a bit liberating in just waiting to see what turns up.

Looking ahead though I think there is one thing that I should resolve to do over the next year, and that is to make the most of those opportunities that I come across and not let them slip away. Carpe diem and all that.

So it looks like 2010 is to be a year of seeing how things go. I wonder what will happen.