The view from my back door this morning:

What’s in a name?

Why “Strange Thoughts”?

Well, my name is Strange. No, really it is. Andy Strange.

With a name like that, as you can imagine, I’ve heard a number of name related jokes over the years. I don’t think I am especially sensitive about it. It has the advantage of being memorable. However, it can become a bit tedious and predictable. Many people have thought that they have come up with a witty and original pun on my name. They haven’t. I have heard it before.

So when I have had to think of a title for stuff that I do, such as personal websites and blogs, I have been very wary of using a named based around an eponymous pun. I’ve thought that it would be far too predictable.

Which meant that when thinking about a name for this blog I resisted. No, I really did. I resisted. But the pull of the obvious was just too strong.

My name is Strange. These are my thoughts. This is my blog.

Will any of those thoughts by strange, as opposed to Strange? Probably. You be the judge.