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Hello. I’m Andy Strange and welcome to my personal website.

To follow all my online activities visit the All Content page. For just my blog posts visit Strange Thoughts.

For my thoughts about digital media, technology and WordPress, or if you need help with your website and are looking to hire me, visit my company website.

New image added to Pinterest board Giovanni Boldini on November 27, 2016 at 11:36PM

I added a new image to my Pinterest board Giovanni Boldini

My best music of 2015 playlist

It has become my habit that at the end of each year to put together a “best of” playlist of the music that I have been listening to, or has meant something, that year. I’m rather late putting together the 2015 version – not entirely sure where January and February have disappeared to – but today I finished reviewing […]

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I find it hard to understand how anyone who cares …

I find it hard to understand how anyone who cares about Britain’s economic prosperity could remain a Tory.

Nicola Horlick