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Andy Strange

Hello. I’m Andy Strange and welcome to my personal website.

To follow all my online activities visit the All Content page. For just my blog posts visit Strange Thoughts.

For my thoughts about digital media, technology and WordPress, or if you need help with your website and are looking to hire me, visit my company website.

Luton Culture are looking for a Head of Marketing …

Luton Culture are looking for a Head of Marketing and Communications http://www.lutonculture.com/about-us/working-for-us/head-of-marketing-and-communications/

On anxiety: a personal update for August 2015

I wrote at the end of last year about the personal crisis I had been experiencing and the steps I was taking to recover from it. Whilst that recovery has continued I have not entirely escaped from the depression from which I have been suffering, so I thought I would post an update about where I am with […]

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My Jam Archive

The music sharing and discovery service I had been a member of, ‘This is My Jam’, sadly closed in September this year. But rather than wipe everyone’s profiles and data, typically for what had been a well thought out service, they decided to archive everything and continue to make it available. Mostly for my reference, this is the link to my archive.